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Coldplay Rocks Out In Jo’burg S.A

Oh Em Gee good morning all you lovely bloggers and Coldplay fans :D

I just returned from their show on the 8th of October at Soccer City (a.k.a FNB Stadium) in South Africa - and it was absolutely amazing! It’s been on my Candy Wishlist to see them in concert, so I guess I can also say I’ve crossed an item off :)

Coldplay is my #1 favourite band in ThE WhoLe WiDe WorLd and it ROCKED being able to see them live! Chris Martin is so energetic and has an insanely cute accent LOL :*)

Dressing up, Parlotones, amazing sound, dancing, jumping, energy, elephant suits, glow-in-the-dark, FIREWORKS, screaming, laughing, smiling, clapping, sore throats, aching backs, hurting feet, British accents, mexican waves, sneaking into field standing - Just another night in my kind of Paradise ;)

Have a super day y’all, and be sure to add {[the above]} to your to-do list :) Ex-oh-ex-oh Miss C Kay

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